Where are the Community Administrators displayed ?
The Administrators list is displayed as described in the screenshot is displayed at the right hand side of the home page.

Can I add additional administrators in my community?
Yes, depending on license type, a community owner may assign additional administrators to their community.

How do I add / delete additional administrators in my community?
 1. Click on the Manage Administrators button 

2. This opens up a new page with the Add New Admin option as well as with an option to Unassign.
(Remove) existing Administrators. Community Settings >> Admins/Moderators/Groups >> Administrators

3. To add additional Administrators click on the Add New Admin. This opens the option to Search the email address of the members whom you want to assign as a Community Administrator. 

The search results displays the searched email address. Click on 'Assign' button and the searched email address is assigned as an Additional Administrator. 

Is there a criteria to become an Administrator of a community?
Yes. One needs to be a registered and verified member before becoming an Administrator or Moderator of a respective community.
What is the difference between the primary administrator (the community owner) and additional administrator
The additional administrators have all the privileges of the primary admin EXCEPT:

  1. Additional administrators can not create new communities.

If I am the primary administrator and community owner, can I relinquish/transfer ownership privileges to another community admin that I assign?
Because primary administrators are associated with the billing of the community, it is not presently possible to transfer the primary admin role. You will need to transfer the whole account.

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