Moderators in a community can set up their community for email notifications for various approvals and other notifications of activity done in the community.
 Notifications can be accessed from Profile>> Communities >> Notifications.
 There are 3 types of notifications:
 1) New ideas in Real Time.
 2) New ideas in Daily-Digest.
 3) New ideas in Weekly Digest.
 The below screenshot gives you a gist of the notification controlled by moderator.

Is it possible for a moderator to control the kind of email notifications they receive?
In a very active community, moderators may receive a heavy volume of emails. Since, all moderators may not be responsible for all moderation responsibilities, IdeaScale makes it possible for assigned moderators to opt out of receiving certain emails.
 1) Receive e-mail notifications to approve new members.

  2) Receive e-mail notifications to approve new Ideas.

 3) Receive e-mail notifications to approve new comment.  

 4) Receive e-mail notifications for Ideas you have created – Moderator will receive an e-mail notification for his own ideas submitted. 

  5) Receive e-mail notifications on Idea stage change for Moderator Idea.

 6) Receive Broadcast Emails.

  7) Receive e-mail notifications for Moderator Tasks. 

  8) Receive e-mail notifications on Account updated as Moderator.

 What is the default setting for notifications?
 By default the notification is set to 'New Ideas in Weekly digest'
 How can a Moderator change notification options?
 Login to your IdeaScale Profile page >> Notifications
 Select the appropriate Notifications setting from the drop-down menu:
 1) Disable (no email updates sent)
 2) New Ideas in Real-Time - email updates will sent as soon as an idea is posted.
 3) New Ideas in Daily-Digest - The user will receive a single email with updates about all the ideas posted in a day.
 4) New Ideas in Weekly Digest – The user will receive a single email on weekly basis with updates of all the ideas posted in the week ( past seven days)
 5) Click Save Changes.

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