Idea submission is one of the key factors in crowdsourcing which initially collects votes and comments from community participants and later goes through various funnels under the supervision of experts and eventually gets implemented in an ideal world.
An idea can be submitted using the Submit New Idea button on the community's home page.

As the page scrolls past the submit button will appear in the header ensuring that users always have somewhere to submit.

Upon clicking the Submit New Idea button, users are taken to an idea submission form.

Campaign: The folder/bucket/section where the idea will reside.

Title: The heading of the idea.

Description: The details about the idea.

Add linked Ideas: Users can link any existing ideas from the community to their own for reference/relevance. (This option can be seen only if the setting is enabled by the administrator)

Submit idea Anonymously: Turning on this switch will submit your idea without your name being disclosed. (This option can be seen only if the setting is enabled by the administrator)

Attach an Image or supporting document: Upload any related image, document for additional information about the idea.

Tags: Provide tags for an easy search of the idea.

If there can also be some additional questions on the submission form.

Please Note: Asterisk denotes a mandatory field.
The X sign at the right-hand corner allows you to simply close the submission form and brings you to the previous page.

Administrators control the Idea Submission Form. For more details, please take a look at the Idea Submission Tool section in the help article Campaign Settings

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