Path: Community Settings >> Data Management >> Import Data >> Import Votes

This feature allows Bulk upload of vote data from an Excel file that includes a listing of votes.

  1. Skip First Line ( Header ): Set the switch to ON when the first line in the excel file contains headings to the data to be uploaded. When ON, the first line in the excel file, is ignored and the data from second line onwards is uploaded .
  2. File to Upload: Browse the excel file on your computer which needs to be uploaded or simply drag and drop it in the area.

Format for the Excel file

The file should be in the following format:

  1. The data to be uploaded should be in the first tab (Work sheet) in the Excel file.
  2. First Column should be the URL for the Idea.
  3. Second Column should be the email address of a member of the community.
  4. Third Column should contain vote which would be either 1 or -1.

1 = Up Vote (I agree)

-1 = Down Vote (I disagree)

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