Can I change the primary email address?
Yes, you can change the primary email address. This feature is helpful in a scenario where administrator rights has to be changed from person to person, so that the account remains active throughout.

You can change you primary email address in Profile >> Email, Services and Devices >> Add email address

Add a new email address using 'Add email address' link. Enter the email address and click on 'Add Email' button.

The new added email address will receive a verification email in its inbox which needs to be verified.

The 'Make Primary' option will now be visible in Email, Services and Devices section.

New email address is changed to the primary email address

Is it possible to change the primary email address to an email address which is verified and registered with us?

Yes. But in such a scenario the primary email address holder will have to claim the email address which they would now like to make as primary.
Following would be the process:

  1. Add email address: Using 'Add email address' link, add the email address and click on 'Add email' button.

2. Claim email address: User will receive a message asking to claim the email address. Click on the 'click here' link to proceed. The message shown below will be displayed.

3. Verification code sent to the email: The newly added email address will receive 'Email claim verification code' to claim the email address.

4. After clicking on the 'Verify my email' link, user will be asked to enter the verification code for proceeding ahead.

5. The user will be logged in to the community and will be able to see both email addresses in Profile >> Email, Services and Devices.

6. Use the link 'Make Primary' to change the email address to the new one.

7. The new email address will be shown as 'Primary'.

Can a non-whitelisted email address be added and made primary by a member?
You would be able to add a non-whitelisted email address, however, when you try changing the primary email address to the non whitelisted one it will give you the below warning message stating it cannot be added as primary.

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