To change your name (what you are going by in your community), go to Profile (screenshot below) and then enter the desired name in the 'Name' text box, then click Save Changes.

 To Change your profile image:
 1. Click on Browse button and select the image of your choice.
 2. Click on Upload button . The chosen image will appear besides the earlier images.
 3. Click the image you want to set as your avatar. ( A blue outline will be seen around the chosen image) Save the changes.
Also IdeaScale integrates with the global avatar provider: Gravatar.
Gravatar will populate the avatars of users in IdeaScale if the user’s email addresses matches in both Gravatar and IdeaScale.  A user can always change their default avatar in IdeaScale within their Profile page.

The admin of the community can also disable the Upload new Image option by disabling it from Community Settings>> Customization>>Customize Site Behavior>> User Profile Screen >> Allow Members to upload profile pictures

When we disable this switch the message in blue in the Profile section will disappear.

Please Note:
 1. By default the Profile name is taken from the User id of the email address.
 2. For Single Sign-on enabled communities where the SSO service provider does not supply an avatar image, IdeaScale allows members to upload/change their own avatars. However, if the service provider supplies an avatar image IdeaScale will use the supplied image, and members will not be allowed to change the supplied image.

We do not allow SVG images

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