How do I turn on the Hot Ideas weekly digest for members of my community?

Only the Administrator of a community can enable "Hot Digest Notification" feature. Administrator have to enable it from here.

Community Settings >> Basic Settings >> Email Management >> Digest Emails >> Turn On Hot Digest Notification >> Save Changes

  • Hot digest notifications will be emailed to members, that have hot criteria set by community administrators. Hot digest is disabled by default for all communities.
  • Community Members can subscribe/disable the hot digest from their notification settings

Learn more about Digest emails settings.

Community Settings >> Notifications >> Hot ideas >> Select the appropriate option.

Hot ideas in Weekly Digest - A user will receive an email containing the ideas which have acquired the "Hot" Status in a the particular weeks time. Weekly hot digest will be sent on "Weekly Digest Schedule" set by administrators

What is the difference in "New ideas in a Weekly digest" and "Hot ideas in Weekly digest"?
Say a user has subscribed to New ideas in a Weekly digest as well as Hot ideas in a Weekly digest . He will receive an email update with all the ideas submitted in the current week. He will receive another email notification which will contain only those ideas which have acquired the status "Hot" in the current week. These ideas may have been submitted in the earlier weeks .

Hot Ideas in Monthly-digest emails

Members can subscribe with hot digest by weekly or monthly tenure. Email format of hot digest is same as daily/weekly digest. Monthly hot digest will be sent on 1st day of each month.

Hot Ideas in Real Time

Users can get new idea notification, if he or she is subscribed with new idea real time notification.

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