Community settings >> Workflow >> Survey Tools >> Member Poll
 1) Click on New Poll Button.

2) Fill in the Basic info fields. "Title", "Start Date", "End Date" and Enable the New Poll and click on "Next" Button to "Add Questions" to the Poll . This allows multiple Polls to be concurrently enabled.

 3)  Add "Question". From the dropdown menu choose the "Answer Type" . Enter the "Answers" . Once the Answers are added, Click on Next to proceed adding members. 

  • Single Selection - Allows the users to only choose the answer from the displayed options.
  • Single selection with open text : Displays a blank box where users can enter their own answer if the option of their choice is not available on the poll.

 4)  Assign Poll to Selected Groups or Selected Members , who would be able to see this Poll on their community.

Choose the Selected Groups option to assign a Poll to a members of a single Group or to members of multiple Roles.

Administrators can selectively choose who should receive poll. This also allows Administrators to select using Groups, Custom Fields or via pick list

Editing the Poll Questions

The poll question and answer can be edited till no one has answered it. Once the poll is voted even by a single user, the question and answers fields will be greyed out.
 Viewing Statistics

By clicking on the "Statistics" the Admin can do the following:
 view Statistics, not only see the members response to the poll in statistical format but also can see the Member participation. He will be able to export the Poll data in Excel Format as well

View Statistics : The Admin can see the response of the members in statistical format .

Members Participated :
This shows the members who participated in the Poll, who are yet to participate in the poll and the Activity of the participated members.

Excel Export :  The admin can export data in excel format which will show all the details for member answers.

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