All the registered users of IdeaScale can choose to receive Notifications (email updates) of their community activities i.e. submitting idea, comments, status change etc, without accessing the community on a regular basis.

The Notification dialog box displays the following:

IdeaScale Communication Settings:
 1. “Change the Primary Email” - the member can add another email address and make it his primary email address. The notifications will now be channelized to the new email address.
 2. “Send me news and announcements about IdeaScale” – Apart from updates on his community, a member receives the latest updates on IdeaScale by clicking on this check box.

Default Community Notification Settings:
The settings specified in “The Default Community Notification Settings” are the default notification settings for all the communities created by the member.

By default the Notifications are set to “New Ideas in Weekly Digest” . This means all the users of the communities created by the member will receive email updates on Weekly basis.
 1. "Receive e-mail notifications for Ideas you have created ". - On checking this box the member will receive e-mail notifications about activities on ideas submitted by him.

2. Receive new comment e-mails: Enabling this will allow email notifications sent on every new comment.

Individual community name and its notification settings:

Displaying each community name along with its notification settings helps in avoiding confusion.
 1. Notification Type: Sometimes each of the community may require different notification settings. Activities of a certain community may require notifications to be sent on “Daily basis” while that of other community may require member to receive notifications “in Real Time”. Notification Type can be set to “Custom Notifications” can be specified in such cases.
 2. Email Address: Custom Notifications can be directed to another email address (different from the Primary email address ) which is not registered with IdeaScale by selecting it from the "Email Address" drop down list.

New Ideas: Notifications for New Ideas can be set to:
 1. Disabled: No email updates sent.
 2. New Ideas in Real-Time: If an idea is submitted at this moment , the user will receive the notification at the same moment. The emails received in Real Time will contain only one notification about a single idea or single comment at a time.

3. New Ideas Daily Digest: The user will receive a daily email update showing all the ideas submitted, commented upon or whose status has changed on that day.
 4. New Ideas Weekly Digest: The user receives a email with an update of all the all the ideas submitted, commented upon or whose status has changed during the week.
 5. Hot Ideas: A user need not log on to his community to view the "Hot" ideas. He can choose to get the Email notifications about them either on Weekly or Monthly basis. He also has the option to Disable these Notifications.

Hot ideas in Weekly Digest - A user will receive a email containing the ideas which have acquired the "Hot" Status in a the particular weeks time.

What is the difference in "New ideas in a Weekly digest" and "Hot ideas in Weekly digest"?
 Say a user has subscribed to New ideas in a Weekly digest as well as Hot ideas in a Weekly digest . He will receive an email update with all the ideas submitted in the current week. He will receive another email notification which will contain only those ideas which have acquired the status "Hot" in the current week. These ideas may have been submitted in the earlier weeks.

This link explains How an idea acquires "Hot" Status in Hot Tab-

Hot Weekly and Monthly digest emails:
 Hot digest notifications will send email to members, that have hot criteria set by community administrators. Hot digest is disabled by default for all community. Administrator have to enable it from here

Members of community can subscribe/disable hot digest from notification settings

Members can subscribe with hot digest by weekly or monthly tenure. Email format of hot digest is same as daily/weekly digest. Monthly hot digest will be sent on 1st day of each month. Where Weekly hot digest will be sent on "Weekly Digest Schedule" set by administrators.


On selecting Custom Notifications the member gets an option to Receive e-mail notifications for Ideas he has created, Receive e-mail notifications on Idea status change and Receive Broadcast Emails. If a user does not wish to receive them, simply uncheck the checkbox

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