Custom Page is nothing but a customized page including important details or specific data for the community.
How can Custom Pages be used?
Custom pages can be used to display static (hard-coded) content, like Contact Details, About Us etc

How to Create a Custom Page?

  1. Custom Page can be created from Community Settings >> Customization >> Look & Feel >> Site HTML Pages >> Add a new Custom Page >> Add

 2) Once a new page is added

3) Click on the Edit button to customize the Page Title, Friendly URL. Click on the check box to enable the options Link Appears in Footer or Make It Public (accessible to anonymous users)

4)Click on the Save Changes button.

How to Navigate to the Custom Page?

There are two ways to navigate to the custom page:

  1. Enable the Link Appears in the Footer option ,scroll down to the bottom of idea page, the custom page link will be displayed in the Footer of the Idea Home Page

2.The other way is to type the Friendly url in the browser in the format community URL/a/pages/custom page friendly URL

NOTE If the admin chooses not to display the custom page in the Footer then the only way to navigate to the custom page would be to type the friendly url in the browser . This can be inconvenient.

One way to overcome this problem can be to embed the custom page link in the Look & Feel >> Home Page or include it in the Custom CSS. This makes it easy for all the community members to access the custom page.

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