What is an assessment tool?

The assessment tool enables an administrator to create assessment of a set of ideas which can be passed to all members or a specific group of community members for a review.

How to set up an assessment tool?

1. Go to Community Settings>>Workflow>>Survey Tool>>Assessments>>Add New Assessment

 2. Upon clicking 'Add New Assessment', a new page will populate. Enter assessment Title, Description, Enable the assessment by clicking on the checkbox. Time bound assessments can be created by specifying the Start time and End Time. They can also be grouped under various heads. Then click on the "Next" button and proceed to "Add Question"

 3. The next step is to add questions for the rating of ideas.

 4. Now select the ideas to be included in the review. Click on the '+' sign to add the ideas.
 You can also search ides according to the mode i.e. idea status or campaign

 5. Member can be added through email address field or according to 'Groups'

 Helpful link on Groups : - https://support.ideascale.com/setup/groups
 Multiple Assessments can be created and grouped under different heads.

Can the administrator edit the questions or ideas added in the idea assessment or delete the entire assessment?

Yes, You can edit the idea assessment from Community Settings>>Assessments. Administrators can also create duplicate Assessments by clicking "Copy" from any assessments. By duplicating assessment means, only the Title, Description, and Set of Questions will be duplicated. Administrators will have to select the respective ideas and members to assess.

Where can the Pending Assessments be seen?

The number of pending assessments is displayed on the top bar.

Clicking on the "Assessments Pending" button will show a list of all the Pending Assessments from which you can choose the assessment you would like to attempt.

 Is it possible to include an assessment link in an email ?

Yes , when a member is added to an assessment, he is notified via email which includes a link to the assessment. On clicking this link, the member is logged in his community and the Rank Assessment popup is displayed .

Reminder emails can be sent to the members who have not been assessed . The Stats page provides the option to do so .
 1. Click on the "Stats" option .

 2. This will open the statistics page which shows the number of Members assessed . Click on the "Members assessed" link .

 3. This opens a page which shows the members who have been assessed and those who have not . Click on "Remind All" to send the Reminder emails to the non assessed members.

 Is it possible to export the idea assessment statistics?

Yes, You can export the statistics in excel format from Community Settings>>Assessments>>Statistics>>Excel

You would be able to see the individual user star rating in the second sheet "Assessment" from the downloaded assessment excel sheet-

Here is the link about Assessment Stage rating calculation formula:

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