Path: Community Settings >> Workflow >> Survey Tools >> Pairwise Comparison
 This feature is similar to the Assessment tool but instead of individual assessment of ideas, the members have to compare the set of ideas presented to them. For example: 'If you had to vote on implementing Idea A or Idea B, which would you choose?'

1. Select the Pairwise comparison.

Pairwise comparison can be done in two types:

  • Standard Pairwise
  • Tournament Pairwise 

2. Enter 'Pairwise title' and 'Description'.

3. Enter the Start time and End Time. (You can also apply a start/end date and time in order to get the pairwise completed in an allocated time period.)

4. Turn On the 'Enabled' switch and go to the next step.

Select the ideas you want to compare between. You can search the ideas to be added based on its Campaign or Idea Status

Step 4: Member can be added through email address field or according to Group

To know more about Groups check
Once all the above steps are completed, Save the Pairwise.
 To Add or Remove the ideas click on 'Manage' or 'Delete'

Results can be viewed in the form of Reviewers Statistics, Compared Idea Statistics, and Excel.
 Reviewers Statistics

 Compared Idea Statistics


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