Two Heads are better than One: Team Based Idea Submission lets multiple community members to be attached to an idea and work towards the successful completion of the idea.
When Team Based Submission is enabled, The idea Submitter sees the option to " Allow Contributors" at the time of idea submission.

Idea Submitter: Is the member who has originally submitted the idea.
Idea Contributors: Are members whom the Idea Submitter has assigned to work along with him for completion of the idea or those who have voluntarily joined the team of Idea Contributors. The Idea Contributors are permitted to Edit the idea.
The setting to assign contributors is available on the idea submission form.

Allow contributor : When ON, the Idea Submitter sees the option "Contributors".
Contributors : , The Idea Submitter types the email addresses of the members whom he wants to assign as Idea Contributors.
The names of the assigned Idea Contributors appear on the idea detail page.

The Idea detail page also displays the role of the team member. The administrator and the global moderator  are given access to add position, promote to owner and to remove any member from the team. While to send a message to a member can be done by any team member.
Note: In case the idea is submitted under a Private campaign, only the members of the Private Campaign can be assigned as Idea Contributors by the Administrator of the community.

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