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Types of Moderators:

IdeaScale has 4 types of moderators
 1) Global moderators: They are moderators across the community. When the community is set to a higher level of moderation which requires approval of ideas, members and comments to go live within the community, they are authorized to approve it.

In case of communities having more than one Global Moderator , the pending queue of all global moderators appears the same i.e. all the users/ideas/comments awaiting the moderators approval will seen under the pending queue of all the other Global Moderators too. Any one of the Global Moderator can approve them.

 2) Campaign Moderators: A Campaign Moderator is an IdeaScale community moderator who is responsible for approving ideas that are submitted under the campaigns to which they are specifically assigned as Moderators.

They do not moderate users but only moderate ideas/comments from Moderation dashboard.

A Campaign Moderator may only be assigned to one campaign or may be responsible for the moderation of numerous campaigns. He will see only those campaign in the Moderation dashboard to which he is assigned as moderator.

 3) Group Moderators: Generally, when an idea is submitted to IdeaScale community, the idea is held in a Pending queue until a moderator changes its status from Pending to an active status. Group Moderation adds an additional tier to the traditional moderation paradigm allowing for a two-step approval process.

A Group Moderator is responsible for approving new ideas submitted by only those members who belong to his group.

In a community which has setup Group moderation, until the Group Moderator approves the member's new ideas, the ideas will not be visible even to a Global Moderator . Once the ideas are approved by the Group Moderator, they can either go live or remain in a Pending status for a campaign moderator’s approval. This depends on the group moderation settings.

 4) Custom Field Moderators: These moderators are incharge of moderating the ideas with answers to specific custom field. Each custom field answer can be assigned different or same moderator.

5) Translation Moderators:
Translation Moderators are required only when Real time translation is enabled for the community. These moderators review and verify, machine translated ideas and comments and provide translations for admin generated content such as custom field questions, community and campaign titles and descriptions from Moderation Dashboard.

Adding Moderators:

  1. Global Moderators : When you create an IdeaScale community, the administrator is added as the default Global moderator for the community.More Global moderators can be added from the back end as well as front end. On the right navigation bar on the homepage, administrator will see ' Manage Global Moderators'

Clicking on 'Manage Global Moderators' will take you to the back end (Community settings) section where 'Add Global Moderator' button is available.  

This button opens a section where admin enter the email address of the existing user who he/she wants to assign as moderator and search. Assign the member by clicking on 'Make Global Moderator' to assign him as the moderator.

2) Campaign Moderators : Campaign moderators can be added from the same section of community setting like Global moderators. Under 'Campaign Moderator' click on the 'Add moderator' button which in line with name of the campaign for which you want to assign. Search the email address and assign as campaign moderator.
 3) Group Moderators : Setting up of Group based moderation is required to assign Group moderators.
 Help article on Group based Moderation :

 4) Translation Moderators : Translation moderators can be set up from Real time translation settings if it is turned on for the community.
 Help article on Real Time Translation :

Unassigning Moderators:
You can unassign any moderator by simply clicking on the 'Unassign' link present before the moderator's name.

Please Note: The campaign moderator, group moderator and custom field moderator can also use the search bar at the top to search a particular campaign, group or custom field respectively.  

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