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What is ReviewScale?
ReviewScale is a customizable decision matrix that allows administrators and moderators to identify the most valuable ideas aligned with company objectives.
ReviewScale user are able to define:

  • Weighted business goals
  • Variable Cost structures
  • Potential business constraints and more.

 How does it work?
 ReviewScale can be determined by following 3 simple steps, which are:
 1. Defining the parameters
 2. Evaluating Ideas
 3. Decision Making

ReviewScale needs to be turned ON and new ReviewScale can be added from survey tools (path given above).

1. Defines Parameters: (Administrative Privilege only)

  • Collect ideas and select a set of ideas for review.
  • Define value vector and choose a review team.
  • Define cost vector and identify your cost experts.

 Fill in the basic information and Enable Decision Matrix.

Click next when finish configuring Basic Info. Select set of Ideas which needs to be reviewed by experts.

Define your value factor(s) and choose your review team.

Defining your Cost Factor and choose your review team. Add/remove team members, proceed to next when the configuration is complete.

Configure your constraint factors and choose your review team. You can add/remove constraint factor(s). "Save Changes" when done.

Send ReviewScale - you can directly send notifications to the reviewers after configuration is complete. Admin will receive a message "An Invitation has been sent to reviewers"

An email will be sent to the reviewers which would look like this:

  2. Evaluate Ideas: (Administrative Privilege only)
Check for the ReviewScale Pending notification on the top bar (tick mark icon i.e. action items).

Select one of the ReviewScale topic to start reviewing.

Reviewers are first greeted with a custom welcome message (unless the message was modified), introducing the review and inviting them to rate the ideas based on their specific area of expertise.

Each reviewer rates the set of ideas based on the cost and value vectors that are specified to their role as either a member of the value team or a cost or constraints expert. They can review Idea, add review notes & jump to next reviewscale survey.

 3. Make Decision: (Administrative Privilege only)
This table will show how many reviews [value, cost & constraint factor] has been completed. The dashboard will show the Idea chart, Table view & the Excel file tab.

You can edit 'Value Score Weights' and 'Cost Score Weights'.

You can also make few tweaks to percentage by sliding the adjuster up and down also lock or unlock it. Reset the settings can also be done after modifications.

Reviewer's notes & details can be found under Excel tab (download the file).

Choose the best projects that best aligns with your business priority.
 ReviewScale Calculations:
 ValueScoreTotal = (Total_High_Votes * High_Vote_Weight + Total_Medium_Votes * Medium_Vote_Weight + Total_Low_Votes * Low_Vote_Weight)
 ValueScorePercent = (ValueScoreTotal * Value_Factor_Percent_Weight_Given_By_Slider / 100)
 TotalVote = (Total_High_Votes + Total_Medium_Votes + Total_Low_Votes)
 ValueFactorScore = ValueScorePercent / TotalVote
 This is ValueFactorScore of one individual Value Factor for one idea.
 -Find this ValueFactorScore For Each ValueFactor (if there are more than 1 Value Factor) and sum up those ValueFactorScores
 -Same way find CostFactorScore For Each CostFactor and sum up those CostFactorScores
 IF sum of CostFactorScores is 0 then
 roiScore = 0
 roiScore = (sum of ValueFactorScores) / (sum of CostFactorScore)
 Note: ReviewScale is a paid add-on available to Enterprise customers only.
 Please contact Sales for more details: [email protected]

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