There are the various email notifications received by the users of a community. Few of them can be controlled by the member while some are received by default and users do not have any control over it.

  1. NEW MEMBER VERIFICATION EMAIL -- A person who is invited to be a member of a community receives the verification email . On clicking the link "Yes, this is my email" member will be logged into the new IdeaScale account and prompted to enter a password.
    Please Note: The verification link expires if the user does not click on it before the stated time.

2. INVITATION EMAIL -- A person who is already registered with IdeaScale and is invited to another IdeaScale community receives and email just with a community url within the email notification.

3. ACCOUNT APPROVED EMAIL -- A person who has verified the email or accepted the invitation email receives an account approved email in case the community administrator has new member approval setting enabled on the community.

4. PASSWORD RECOVERY EMAIL (Forgot Password) -- A member, on clicking the "Forgot Password" link is emailed a Password Recovery message. The email contains a link "Click here to reset your password". On clicking this link, a password reset window will appear and prompt the user to enter a new password.
Please Note: The Password recovery link expires if the user does not click on it before the stated time.

5. IDEA SUBMITTED EMAIL -- Users will receive a email notification whenever they submit an idea in the community.

 6. IDEA STATUS CHANGE -- Users who have opted to receive notifications for Status change in ideas receive this email in Realtime /Daily/ Weekly basis.

7. ACHIEVEMENT OF BADGES -- In a community where badges are enabled user can choose to receive notifications for the change in their Achievement Status.

8. WEEKLY DIGEST -- User may opt to receive new ideas and badges on Weekly basis. Updates on "Hot" ideas can also be received on weekly basis.

9. ASSESSMENT INVITATION -  A member receives an email invitation to take an Assessment.

10. IDEA OWNER -- A member is notified via email when he is assigned as Idea Owner.

11. BROADCAST EMAIL -  All community members receive an email broadcasted by the Administrator.

12. EMAIL AUTHOR -  Administrator emailing the user using Email Author:

13. IDEA MERGE -- User notified about about his/her own idea being merged with a different idea:

14. COMMUNITY TASK -- User notified about pending community tasks:

15. REALTIME NOTIFICATION FOR COMMENTS -- User receiving comment notification in Realtime:

16. REALTIME NOTIFICATION FOR IDEA -- User receiving new Idea notification in Realtime:

17. EMAIL IDEA -- Email idea from community member:

18. PRIVATE MESSAGE -- User receives Personal Message from Administrator 

19. @MENTIONS -- A user will receive a email notification whenever the user's name has been mentioned in the community. You can also directly see the mention by clicking the link "Go see the Mention now".

20. FLAG EMAIL -- A user will receive a message when their ideas is flagged as duplicate or abuse in the community.

21. GROUP MESSAGE EMAIL -- This is an email which can be sent to specific group members by using the API endpoint "/v1/email/group/{id}"

A member receives an email when they are added as reviewers in Reviewscale.

23. HOT IDEAS EMAIL --  The users will receive email for all the hot ideas in the community as per the frequency set up by the user.

 This email will be received by users when the idea has remained idle in the community.

25. WORKFLOW EXECUTED EMAIL --  This email is received by users when in Automation builder we select Notify to particular member or group.

26.  REAL-TIME EMAILS ON NEW INNOVATION ASSISTANT TIPS APPEAR IN REPORTING-- Enabling this notification will send emails regarding any tips or do's showing up on Reporting dashboard.

27. MEMBER STATUS CHANGE EMAILS-- The members can enable this switch to know if they are updated or given special authorities in the community like being assigned as an administrator, moderator or custom admin.

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